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Whether you join a group, create one yourself or just do it on your own, these challenges are planned to motivate you to be active, have a healthy lifestyle, while enjoying your accomplishments.

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I want to tell you about my experience with virtual races.

One day talking with a work colleague, he told me all of the racers here are winners and he explained to me the concept of virtual racing. My experience has been fantastic, I can schedule my exercise for the entire month and don’t have the pressure to reach the goal quickly. The advantage I see in these races is that I have everything in a time to fulfill my personal goal and I can do different challenges every month. I’ve participated on 25 miles and 50 miles races and is spectacular. Something that I really like about it is the easiness of the process, I just needed to use an application that monitors my physical activity and at the end of the month it sends all the information to the site and I received my Medal. If you have not tried it yet, I recommend that you do so and do physical activity in a different way.

Moving and Motivated

After seeing how overweight I was in a picture taken on Mothers Day, back in May 2018, I made a firm decision to make changes related to my health and eating habits the day after. I planned to begin my transformation by modifying my diet and walking with the goal of losing 30 pounds. Exercise or physical activity had not been in my vocabulary since High School and at my tender age of 50 my body knew it when I began as planned on the track. With support of friends that had similar health and weight loss goals, I ran my first charitable 5k race just four months into my journey and upon completion I was feeling excited. I then realized how necessary it is for me to develop discipline in walking or running by challenging myself. VIrtual challenges are key to help me keep moving and motivated every month. I’ve reached my goals but will continue to work to stay healthy and fit.

Gloria Rivera
Cidra PR

Virtual Fun Tips

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